Journal of Polymer Research

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Processable aromatic polyesters based on bisphenol derived from cashew nut shell liquid: synthesis and characterization

  • Bhausaheb V. Tawade
  • Jagadish K. Salunke
  • Prakash S. Sane
  • Prakash P. Wadgaonkar
Original Paper


A new bisphenol viz., 4-(4-hydroxyphenoxy)-3-pentadecylphenol (HPPDP) was synthesized starting from cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL). Aromatic (co)polyesters containing ether linkages in the main chain and pendent pentadecyl chains were synthesized by the interfacial polycondensation of HPPDP with terephthalic acid chloride (TPC), isophthalic acid chloride (IPC) and a mixture of TPC and IPC (50:50 mol %) and by polycondenation of varying composition of HPPDP and bisphenol-A (BPA) with TPC. The resultant (co)polyesters exhibited inherent viscosities in the range 0.70–1.21 dL g−1 and number-average molecular weights in the range 16,000–48,200 (GPC, polystyrene standard). Polyesters were soluble in common organic solvents such as chloroform and dichloromethane and could be cast into films from chloroform solution. Polyesters exhibited T10 values in the range 430–455 °C and Tg values were in the range 29–202 °C. Dynamic mechanical storage modulus and maximum on transition of tan δ curve decreased with increased content of HPPDP in copolyesters. Importantly, the large difference between Tg and T10 values offers the possibility to process these polyesters in the melt.


Cashew nut shell liquid Aromatic polyesters Processability Thermal properties Polycondensation Pentadecyl 



BVT is grateful to Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), India for research fellowship.


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  • Bhausaheb V. Tawade
    • 1
  • Jagadish K. Salunke
    • 1
  • Prakash S. Sane
    • 1
  • Prakash P. Wadgaonkar
    • 1
  1. 1.Polymer Science and Engineering DivisionCSIR-National Chemical LaboratoryPuneIndia

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