Journal of Polymer Research

, Volume 13, Issue 2, pp 161–169 | Cite as

Studies On The Crosslinking Of Poly (Vinyl Alcohol)

  • J. M. Gohil
  • A. Bhattacharya
  • P. Ray


This paper is concerned with the cross-linking of poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) using maleic acid as the cross-linker. The curative (maleic acid) dose and the curing temperature and time were varied between 2.5 and 60% (w/w), 120 and 160 °C and 30 and 120 min, respectively. From a thorough swelling study in both hot and cold water (percentage swelling, gel content, swelling ratio, etc-) the optimum curative dose and curing conditions have been evaluated. The molecular weight between the cross-links exhibited a sharp fall up to a maleic acid dose of 20% (w/w). A comparative evaluation of maleic acid cross-linked and heat-treated PVA films has been done. Better heat stability for maleic acid cross-linked PVA was observed from thermogravimetric analysis. A shift in glass transition temperature was observed for both heat-treated and maleic acid treated PVA compared with the virgin one. IR spectroscopic study indicated the presence of an ester linkage and an olefinic double bond in maleic acid treated and heat-treated PVA films, respectively. Maleic acid cross-linked PVA is quite stable in different polar and nonpolar solvents. A definite structural pattern has been observed in maleic acid cross-linked PVA films through scanning electron microscopy.

Key words

cross-linking maleic acid poly(vinyl alcohol) swelling thermal stability 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research InstituteGijubhai Badheka MargBhavnagarIndia

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