Journal of Youth and Adolescence

, Volume 39, Issue 4, pp 431–433 | Cite as

Cecile Wright, Penny Standen and Tina Patel (eds): Black Youth Matters: Transitions from School to Success

Routledge Press, New York & London, 2010, 163 pp, ISBN 978-0-99510-8
  • Roderick W. Jones
Book Review

In Black Youth Matters,Professors Wright, Standen and Patel describe the circumstances faced by black youth who have been excluded from school and are attempting to transition into adulthood. The authors employed quantitative and qualitative methods to investigate how black youth take advantage of social capital and overcome extreme social disadvantage. The authors argue that social disadvantage and lack of social mobility is exacerbated by exclusion from school, but little is known about the effects of that exclusion on students. The authors described the negative effects of school exclusion by investigating the personal, communal, and societal constraints experienced by the youth. The authors present an interesting look into the negative educational experiences of black youth, and illustrate how the consequences of these experiences are applicable to a wider social context. The book seeks to point out that the social conditions for black youth are different from that of white...


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