Journal of Mathematical Sciences

, Volume 220, Issue 6, pp 763–776 | Cite as

Asymptotics of the Optimal Confidence Region for Shift and Scale, Based on Two Order Statistics

  • A.Yu. Zaigraev
  • M. Alama-Bućko

Using two order statistics, we construct the two-dimensional optimal strong confidence region for shift and scale parameters and study its asymptotics when the sample size tends to infinity. Also, we construct simpler confidence region asymptotically equivalent to the optimal one. The constructed confidence region is compared with similar confidence regions, based on sample mean and sample mean-square deviation.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Nikolay Kopernik UniversityTorunPoland
  2. 2.UTP University of Science and TechnologyBydgoszczPoland

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