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, Volume 197, Issue 4, pp 558–564 | Cite as

New Properties of the Lie Algebra Variety N2A

  • S. P. Mishchenko
  • Y. R. Fyathutdinova


We continue to consider the properties of the almost polynomial growth variety of Lie algebras over a field of characteristic zero defined by the identity (x 1 x 2)(x 3 x 4)(x 5 x 6) ≡ 0. Here we have constructed the bases of its multilinear parts and proved the formulas for the colength and codimension sequences of this variety.


Irreducible Character Polynomial Growth Free Algebra Identical Relation Irreducible Module 
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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Algebra and Geometric ComputationsUlyanovsk State UniversityUlyanovskRussia

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