Journal of Mathematical Sciences

, Volume 186, Issue 6, pp 866–881 | Cite as

Retracts and extensors of compact transformation groups

  • M. Dzadzamia


In this paper, we study G-spaces, i.e., topological spaces with actions of a compact group G, from the point of view of the theory of retracts. We recall definitions and properties of absolute retracts, absolute neighborhood retracts, absolute extensors, and absolute neighborhood extensors with respect to the equivariant weakly hereditary class \( \mathfrak{G} \) of G-spaces. Also, we give basic notions of the theory of topological transformation groups.


Equivariant Mapping Invariant Subset Equivariant Retraction Absolute Retract Bredon 
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  1. 1.S.Rustaveli Batumi State UniversityBatumiGeorgia

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