Some aspects of analysis on almost complex manifolds with boundary

  • Bernard Coupet
  • Hervé Gaussier
  • Alexandre Sukhov


We present some results dealing with the local geometry of almost complex manifolds. We establish mainly the complete hyperbolicity of strictly pseudoconvex domains, the extension of plurisubharmonic functions through generic submanifolds, and the elliptic regularity of some diffeomorphisms of almost complex manifolds with boundary.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Bernard Coupet
    • 1
  • Hervé Gaussier
    • 2
  • Alexandre Sukhov
    • 3
  1. 1.C.M.I.Marseille Cedex 13France
  2. 2.I.M.J.Paris CedexFrance
  3. 3.U.S.T.L., Cité Scientifique, 59655Villeneuve d´Ascq CedexFrance

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