Journal of Mathematical Sciences

, Volume 147, Issue 1, pp 6498–6506 | Cite as

The asymptotic behavior of the discrete spectrum generated by the radial confluent Heun equation with close singularities

  • S. Yu. Slavyanov
  • N. N. Igotti


Against the background of one of the authors’ (S. Yu. Slavyanov’s) reminiscences of A. A. Bolibrukh, the asymptotic behavior of the spectral curves generated by the boundary-value problem for the confluent Heun equation (that is, an equation with two regular and one irregular singularity) is considered. The spectral curves are constructed for small values of one parameter (the distance between the regular singular points) depending on another parameter, which has the meaning of total charge in physics.


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  • S. Yu. Slavyanov
  • N. N. Igotti

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