Journal of Mathematical Sciences

, Volume 130, Issue 2, pp 4620–4623 | Cite as

Destinies and Decidability

  • P. Cegielski


The notion of destinies, introduced by Nezondet, serves as a logical tool in studying open problems of number theory. This paper provides a condition sufficient for the destinies of a structure to be computable. Bibliography: 1 title.


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    F. Nezondet, p-destinees et applications a la theorie du successeur et de la coprimarite sur les entiers, Ph. D. Thesis, Universite de Clermont-Ferrand 1 (France) (1997).Google Scholar

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  • P. Cegielski
    • 1
  1. 1.Universite Paris XII-IUTFONTAINEBLEAUFrance

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