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Approximate Controllability of Second-Order Stochastic Distributed Implicit Functional Differential Systems with Infinite Delay

  • P. Balasubramaniam
  • P. Muthukumar


In this paper, sufficient conditions for the approximate controllability of the following stochastic semilinear abstract functional differential equations with infinite delay are established
$$\begin{array}{@{}l@{}}d\bigl[x^{\prime}(t)-g(t,x_{t})\bigr]=\bigl[Ax(t)+f(t,x_{t})+Bu(t)\bigr]dt+G(t,x_{t})dW(t),\\\noalign{\vskip3pt}\quad \mbox{a.e on}\ t\in J:=[0,b],\\\noalign{\vskip3pt}x_{0}=\varphi\in {\mathfrak{B}},\\\noalign{\vskip3pt}x^{\prime}(0)=\psi \in H,\end{array}$$
where the state x(t)∈H,x t belongs to phase space \({\mathfrak{B}}\) and the control u(t)∈L 2 (J,U), in which H,U are separable Hilbert spaces and d is the stochastic differentiation. The results are worked out based on the comparison of the associated linear systems. An application to the stochastic nonlinear wave equation with infinite delay is given.


Controllability of systems Cosine functions operators Distributed control systems Stochastic partial functional differential equations 


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsGandhigram Rural UniversityGandhigramIndia

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