Journal of Statistical Physics

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Program of the 108th Statistical Mechanics Conference Rutgers University, Busch Campus, Hill Center, Room 114 Sunday, Monday and Tuesday December 16–December 18, 2012

Guests of Honor: John Reppy, Jan Sengers, Harry Swinney
  • Joel L. Lebowitz

H. Kojima, Rutgers University Simultaneous Measurements of Torsional Oscillation and 10 MHz Ultrasound Propagation in Solid He-4 at Low Temperatures

M. Anisimov, University of Maryland Entropy-Driven Liquid–Liquid Transitions in Pure Substances

D. Lathrop, University of Maryland Characterization of Quantized Vortices in Superfluid Helium

J. Ortiz Zarate, Universidad Complutense Madrid Fluctuating Hydrodynamics for Non-equilibrium Steady States

E. Andrei, Rutgers University Electronic Cloaking of Impurities through Landau Level Filling in Graphene

P. Fendley, University of Virginia The Uses of Topology for Spin Systems

S. Sachdev, Harvard University Conformal Field Theories in 3 Dimensions, and Holography

M. Rigol, Georgetown University Non-equilibrium Dynamics of a Quasi-Disordered Quantum System After a Quench

M. Kastner, National Institute for Theoretical Physics—Wallenberg Research Centre Relaxation Timescales in Closed Long-Range Quantum Spin Models

M. Dykman, Michigan State...

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