Stability of Global Solution for the Relativistic Enskog Equation near Vacuum

  • Zhigang Wu


The Cauchy problem of the relativistic Enskog equation with near-vacuum data is considered in this paper. Under the same assumption as that in Jiang (J. Stat. Phys. 127:805–812, 2007) for the relativistic Enskog equation, we obtain the uniform L -stability of the solution. What’s more important, is that for two new types of the scattering cross section σ, we give the global existence and L 1(x,v)-stability for mild solution when the initial data lies in the space L 1(x,v). As a corollary, we have a BV-type estimate. It is worth mentioning that the stability results in this paper can be applied to the case in Jiang (J. Stat. Phys. 127:805–812, 2007).


Relativistic Enskog equation Cauchy problem (Weighted) stability Vacuum 


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