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Solvent Extraction and Separation of Thorium(IV) from Chloride Media by a Schiff Base

  • Mohamed F. Cheira
  • Adel S. Orabi
  • Bahig M. Atia
  • Sami M. Hassan


The Schiff base extractant, (E)-4-(2-hydroxyethylimino)pentan-2-one (AcEt), for thorium(IV) ions was characterized in methylene chloride in chloride media. Analyses of the conventional log10 D versus pH and versus log10 thorium ion concentration plots of the extraction equilibrium data reveal that the thorium(IV) ions were extracted as a complex that is characterized by having one ionizable hydrogen ion and a metal:ligand ratio of 1:1. The effects of contact time, A:O phase ratio and temperature on the extraction and stripping were studied. Extraction and stripping isotherms were constructed to determine the theoretical stages of the extraction and stripping processes. The thermodynamic parameters Gibbs energy (∆), enthalpy (∆) and entropy (∆) changes associated with the extraction processes were evaluated. Finally, the optimum parameters of solvent extraction were applied to a chloride leach liquor.

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Solvent extraction Thorium Schiff base Chloride media Isotherm 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Mohamed F. Cheira
    • 1
  • Adel S. Orabi
    • 2
  • Bahig M. Atia
    • 1
  • Sami M. Hassan
    • 2
  1. 1.Nuclear Materials AuthorityCairoEgypt
  2. 2.Chemistry Department, Faculty of ScienceSuez Canal UniversityIsmailiaEgypt

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