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Erratum to: Interactions of N′-[1-(2-Hydroxyphenyl)ethylidene] Isonicotinohydrazide, a Hydrazone Schiff Base and Selected Lanthanides: Potentiometric and Spectral Studies

  • Yuimi Varam
  • Lonibala Rajkumari

Erratum to: J Solution Chem (2016) 45:1729–1754 DOI 10.1007/s10953-016-0542-2

In the original publication of the article, there were several places where incorrect figure numbers were given in the text. The corrected text has been presented with this erratum.

In the section titled, “Photoluminescence of Tb3+ and HpEH in Ethanol at Different Molar Ratios”, the second paragraph, page 1744, the sentence should read, “The photoluminescence studies of HpEH and Tb3+ were thus excited at 285 and 330 nm (the absorbance domain of terbium) and 220 nm, as shown in Fig. 11 for all the different Tb3+:HpEH molar ratios.”

In the same paragraph, page 1745, the sentence should read, “When a delay time of 0.01 ms is enforced during the photoluminescent measurement, the intensity greatly reduced indicating that there is no efficient population of the triplet state (T1) as ISC is retarded on account of florescence of HpEH, as shown in Fig. 11.”

In the fourth paragraph, page 1746, the sentence should read, “Thus, the nature of photo luminescence excitation and emission spectra of Tb3+–HpEH solid and in ethanol show considerable difference in wavelength and intensity as shown in Figs. 11 and 12.”

In the section titled, “Excitation and Emission Spectra of Tb3+–HpEH Complex as a Function of pH”, first paragraph, page 1746, the sentence should read, “Three distinct types of excitation spectra, as shown in Fig. 13A, are observed at different pH ranges, i.e., spectra (a–c) at low pH = 2.8–3.5, spectra (d–f) at pH = 4.2–6.5 and spectra (g–i) at pH = 8.5–10.”

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