Journal of Solution Chemistry

, Volume 39, Issue 10, pp 1549–1561 | Cite as

Raman Spectra of Tungsten-Bearing Solutions

  • Alexander F. Redkin
  • Galina V. Bondarenko


Raman spectroscopy at 25 °C was performed to analyze speciation in quenched solutions after experiments on sodium tungstates and sodium tungstate bronze dissolution at t=500 °C, p=1000 bar. The experiments were conducted under different oxidation-reduction conditions in sodium chloride solution media. The spectra of the quenched solutions were different from those of the reference solutions of 0.02 mol⋅kg−1 W(VI) (H2O) in the pH range 2.3–7.2. Thermodynamic models were established and the fields of predominance of different isopolytungstate species at 25–50 °C were determined. The experimental results of tungstate dissolution demonstrates that reduced tungstate solutions may contain a significant amount of tungsten species with valence states lower than W(VI).


Raman spectroscopy Tungsten Sodium tungstate Sodium tungstate bronze Speciation Isopolytungstate species Thermodynamic calculations 


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  1. 1.Institute of Experimental MineralogyRussian Academy of SciencesChernogolovkaRussia

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