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The Oxidation of Iron(II) with Oxygen in NaCl Brines

  • J. Michael Trapp
  • Frank J. Millero
Special Issue Dedicated to Joseph Antoine Rard


The oxidation of nanomolar levels of iron(II) with oxygen has been studied in NaCl solutions as a function of temperature (0 to 50 °C), ionic strength (0.7 to 5.6 mol⋅kg−1), pH (6 to 8) and concentration of added NaHCO3 (0 to 10 mmol⋅kg−1). The results have been fitted to the overall rate equation:
The values of k app have been examined in terms of the Fe(II) complexes with OH and CO 3 2− . The overall rate constants are given by:
where α i is the molar fraction and k i is the rate constant of species i. The individual rate constants for the species of Fe(II) interacting with OH and CO 3 2− have been fitted by equations of the form:
$$\begin{array}{l}\ln k_{\mathrm{Fe}2+}=21.0+0.4I^{0.5}-5562/T\\[6pt]\ln k_{\mathrm{FeOH}}=17.1+1.5I^{0.5}-2608/T\\[6pt]\ln k_{\mathrm{Fe(OH)}2}=-6.3-0.6I^{0.5}+6211/T\\[6pt]\ln k_{\mathrm{Fe(CO3)}2}=31.4+5.6I^{0.5}-6698/T\end{array}$$
These individual rate constants can be used to estimate the rates of oxidation of Fe(II) over a large range of temperatures (0 to 50 °C) in NaCl brines (I=0 to 6 mol⋅kg−1) with different levels of OH and CO 3 2− .


Fe(II) Oxidation NaCl Brines 


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