Effect of Ti4+ Substitution on Microstructure and Magnetic Order of Ca3CoMn1-xTixO6


The Ca3CoMn1-xTixO6(x = 0, 0.05) samples were synthesized by a modified sol-gel method, and the microstructure, microtopography, and magnetic properties were investigated in detail. With substituting of Mn4+ ions by Ti4+ ions, the crystallinity and particle size of Ca3CoMn1-xTixO6 (x = 0, 0.05) samples decrease. The Ti4+ doping also causes the high-temperature spin freezing phenomenon disappears, and the transition field of ↑↑↓↓ magnetic structure to ↑↑↑↓ magnetic structure increases obviously together with the faster dynamic behavior. These results suggest that the dilution effect of Ti4+ doping to Co-Mn-Co-Mn spin chains could reduce the degree of magnetic frustration and suppress the formation of short range magnetic order, for which will be beneficial for the establishment of more robust long range antiferromagnetic structure. The present research could serve as a reference on tuning the magnetic order and improving the multiferroic property of Ca3CoMnO6.

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This study was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (grant nos. 61571403, 11405148, and 11604281), the Doctoral Fund Project of Zhengzhou University of Light Industry (grant nos. 2015BSJJ069), and the Key Research Project of Colleges and Universities of Henan Province (20A140029 and 16A140021).

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Gaoshang Gong and Yuling Su conceived, designed the study and edited the manuscript. Huiyun Hu and Chenfei Shi performed the experiments. Yongqiang Wang and Yawei Gao performed the magnetization analysis. Yaqiong Su performed the Raman analysis. Jinjin Guo and Yanmin Ma performed the structure analysis. All authors read and approved the manuscript.

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Correspondence to Yuling Su.

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