Disordering Induced Second Magnetization Peak Effect and the Vortex Pinning Mechanism in V0.0007NbSe2 Single Crystal


The consequences of the random pinning in the presence of weak disorder are studied systematically based on the appearance of the second magnetization peak (SMP) and peak effect in the magnetic measurement. Here, we have observed the system dependency of the SMP effect. We have analysed the dc magnetization curves and the associated vortex pinning mechanisms of V0.0007NbSe2 single crystal at different temperatures and magnetic fields to estimate its pinning strengths in the external magnetic field H oriented parallel to the crystallographic ab plane. The characteristics of critical current density result in the presence of weak collective pinning near zero-magnetic field and the large bundle collective pinning along with SMP effect at the intermediate magnetic fields. The field dependence characteristics of the pinning force density highlights the presence of Bean-Livingstone’s zero-field peak with the presence of intermediate peak and high-field peak effect phenomena. The temperature dependence of the critical current density shows the dominating nature of δl pinning in the intermediate fields region. The vortex phase diagram of V0.0007NbSe2 is drawn showing different vortex phases at altered temperatures and magnetic fields. Thus, this study depicts the SMP effect and the diverse pinning characteristics in the quasi-two-dimensional superconductor associated with the external defects.

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PMS acknowledges IIT Indore and SIC for providing accessibility to equipment for research.


This work was supported by the Department of Science and Technology (SERB-DST), India, by acknowledging prestigious ‘Ramanujan Fellowship’ award (SR/S2/RJN-121/2012), India, and a CSIR support project (Grant No. 03(1349)/16/EMR-II) to PMS. The author RP received esteemed SRF Inspire fellowship (DST/INSPIRE Fellowship/2015/IF150330) from DST, India. The author MK received meritorious fellowship from UGC-RGNF-SRF, India. The author SA received financial assistance from DST (SERB, FIST, and PURSE), India.

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  • Single crystals
  • Critical current density
  • Second magnetization peak
  • Small bundle pinning region
  • Large bundle collective pinning region
  • Bean-Livingstone surface barrier effect
  • Lattice softening
  • Peak effect