Spin Wave Theory and Ab Initio Calculations in Co/C Multilayers: Interfacial Effects

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Co/C multilayers were prepared using DC triode sputtering with different Co thicknesses (tCo), and their magnetic properties were investigated using a vibrating sample magnetometer. It is found that the magnetization of Co layers decreases with decreasing tCo, at thicknesses below 6 nm, which can be understood by the presence of a magnetically dead layer, due to intermixing between Co and C layers, i.e., the alloy formation around the former interface. A model based on the spin-wave theory was utilized to explain the change of the magnetization as function of temperature, and estimate the coupling exchange interaction. Ab initio calculations were utilized to explain the decrease of the magnetic moment within the interfacial layer (Co1-xCx). In addition, the influence of pressure on the magnetic properties of the Co1-xCx layer was studied as well.

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  • Co/C multilayers
  • Ferromagnetic
  • Interface
  • Spin wave
  • Ab-initio calculations