Magnetocaloric Properties of Nanostructured La0.7-xBixSr0.3MnO3 (x = 0.0, 0.1) Manganites Using Phenomenological Model


Magnetocaloric properties of nanostructured pristine and Bi-doped La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 samples, synthesised by high-energy planetary ball milling, are presented here. The aim of the study is to understand the effect of milling time on magnetic entropy change, relative cooling power and change in specific heat. The magnetocaloric property, defined as the change in the magnetic entropy, has been determined by using a phenomenological model applied to the magnetic susceptibility plots. Replacing 10% La by Bi in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 significantly alters the change in magnetic entropy. Correlation between the particle size and magnetic entropy is observed in the present study. As the milling time increases from 0 h (bulk) to 48 h, the particle size reduces causing significant modifications in the magnetocaloric properties.

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The present work was carried out under the collaborative research project number CRS-M-240. Authors are thankful to Dr. P. D. Babu for the magnetization measurements and to Dr. S. Rayaprol and M. Venugopal (UGC-DAE-CSR, Mumbai) for their help with high-energy planetary ball milling.


A.D is thankful to DST India for providing Inspire Fellowship through grant number IF 170553.

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  • Milling
  • Grain size
  • Magnetic entropy
  • Magnetocaloric effect
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