Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism

, Volume 31, Issue 10, pp 3075–3078 | Cite as

High-Field Magneto-Conductivity Analysis of Bi2Se3 Single Crystal

  • Rabia Sultana
  • Ganesh Gurjar
  • S. Patnaik
  • V. P. S. AwanaEmail author


We report the high-field (up to 14 Tesla) magneto-conductivity analysis of Bi2Se3 topological insulator grown via the self-flux method. The detailed experimental investigations including crystal growth as well as the electrical, thermal, and spectroscopic characterizations of the resultant Bi2Se3 single crystal are already reported by some of us. The current letter deals with high-field magneto-conductivity analysis in terms of Hikami Larkin Nagaoka (HLN) model, which revealed that the electronic conduction is dominated by both surface state-driven weak anti-localization (WAL), as well as the bulk weak localization (WL) states. Further, by applying the HLN equation, we have extracted the fitting parameters, i.e., phase coherence length (lφ) and the pre-factor (α). Here, the magneto-conductivity data is fitted up to ± 5 Tesla, but in order to extract reliable fitting parameters, the same is fitted at much lower magnetic fields, i.e., up to ± 1 Tesla. The value of the HLN coefficient (α), extracted from the HLN equation exhibited values close to − 1.0, indicating both WAL and WL contributions. On the other hand, the extracted \(l_{\varphi }\) is seen to decrease from 11.125 to 5.576 nm as the temperature is increased from 5 to 200 K, respectively. Summarily, the short letter discusses primarily the temperature-dependent magneto-conductivity analysis of pristine Bi2Se3 single crystal by the HLN model.


Topological insulator Crystal growth Magneto-conductivity 



The authors from CSIR-NPL would like to thank their Director NPL, India, for his keen interest in the present work. Rabia Sultana and Ganesh Gurjar thank CSIR, India for research fellowship. Rabia Sultana thanks AcSIR-NPL for Ph.D. registration.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.CSIR-National Physical LaboratoryNew DelhiIndia
  2. 2.Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR)-NPLNew DelhiIndia
  3. 3.School of Physical SciencesJawaharlal Nehru UniversityNew DelhiIndia

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