Influence of Bias Current on Off-Diagonal Magnetoimpedance in Composite Wires

  • N. A. Buznikov
Original Paper


The off-diagonal magnetoimpedance in a composite wire consisting of a highly conductive inner core covered by a soft magnetic layer is studied theoretically. In the presence of bias current, the field dependence of the off-diagonal magnetoimpedance becomes asymmetric due to the combination of the circular magnetic field produced by the bias current and a helical anisotropy in the magnetic layer of the composite wire. The dependences of the asymmetric off-diagonal magnetoimpedance on the external field, frequency, and bias current are investigated. It is demonstrated that the off-diagonal magnetoimpedance in composite wires has high field sensitivity and exhibits nearly linear behavior at low external fields. The influence of the wire parameters such as the anisotropy axis angle, the magnetic layer thickness, and conductivity on the field sensitivity of the off-diagonal magnetoimpedance is analyzed. The results obtained may be useful for development of weak magnetic-field sensors.


Composite wire Magnetoimpedance Off-diagonal impedance Bias current 


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