Spin-Dependent Thermoelectric Effects in Double-Barrier Magnetic Tunnel Junctions with a Non-magnetic Metal Spacer

  • Reza Daqiq
Original Paper


Spin-dependent thermoelectric (TE) effects are studied in MgO-based double-barrier magnetic tunnel junctions with a non-magnetic metal spacer (DBMTJs-NM) in the linear response regime. Using non-equilibrium Green’s function (NEGF) formalism, the results show resonant peaks at specific thicknesses of the NM spacer because of the resonant tunneling effect through the DBMTJs-NM. Effects of average temperature and magnetization alignment are also described. Therefore, thermally charge and spin voltage lead to large spin-dependent TE effects by the DBMTJs-NM structures.


Spin-dependent thermoelectric effects Double-barrier MTJs Non-magnetic metal spacer Resonant tunneling effect 


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