Tunable Microwave Absorption Properties in Ni–Zn-Substituted BaCoTiFe10O19

  • Wenjia Xing
  • Xiao Long Liu
  • Hua Wang
  • Jing Chen
  • Qingbo Fan
  • Qin Lei
  • Guangliang Xu
Original Paper


Ni–Zn-substituted BaCoTiFe10O19 were successfully prepared by a sol-gel combustion method. The grain size of samples is about 150–800 nm ,and the grains first increase and then decrease with increasing x. Through XRD analysis, all diffraction peaks correspond to the BaTiCoFe10O19 and no other phase signal is detected. With x = 0.3, the saturation magnetization (M s) is biggest (66.7 emu/g) and its coercivity (H c) is 172.3 Oe. The curves μ μ have distorted semicircles, and each semicircle has an extremum. Each extremum of μ μ curve corresponds to a peak of μ curve and has response to reflection loss (RL), which is further illuminated. When x = 0.3, the widest bandwidth of R L ≤−10 dB is 6.13 GHz (9.68–15.81 GHz) at d = 2.6 mm. The RL curve closely relates to distorted semicircle of μ μ curve, and the relation is also deeply illuminated, which is beneficial to study absorption materials.


Barium ferrite Magnetic loss Electromagnetic parameters Reflection loss 



This work is supported by the key scientific research projects of the Southwest University of Science and Technology (no. 15zx2101 and no. 17zx910201).


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