Dependence of the Magnetic Transition Temperatures T N 1 and T N 2 and Magnetization Plateau of the 2D Checkerboard Lattice Structure with the Superblock (N,N)

  • A. Jabar
  • R. Masrour
Original Paper


Magnetic properties of the 2D checkerboard lattice structure with the superblock (N,N) were studied using Monte Carlo simulation based on the Ising model. Thermal magnetization and magnetic susceptibility of 2D checkerboard lattice with several superblocks are given. Two magnetic anomalies at collinear-to-spiral transition temperature t C1 and transition temperature t C2have been determined. We discuss the effect of exchange interactions and superblocks on 2D checkerboard lattice. Magnetic hysteresis cycle of 2D checkerboard lattice for several superblocks have been shown. Superparamagnetic behaviour has been observed. Magnetization plateau, visible as anomalies in magnetic hysteresis, is one of the hallmarks of frustrated magnetism.


2D checkerboard lattice structure Ising model Monte Carlo simulation Magnetic hysteresis cycle Magnetization plateau 


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  1. 1.Laboratory of Materials, Processes, Environment and Quality, National School of Applied SciencesCady Ayyed UniversitySafiMorocco

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