The Effect of Dilute Charged Impurity on the Electronic Heat Capacity and Magnetic Susceptibility of Ferromagnetic MoS2

  • Mohsen Yarmohammadi
Original Paper


In this paper, the effects of dilute charged impurity doping on electronic heat capacity (EHC) and magnetic susceptibility (MS) of a two-dimensional material ferromagnetic gapped graphene-like, MoS2, are investigated within the Green’s function approach by using the Kane-Mele Hamiltonian and self-consistent Born approximation (SCBA) at Dirac points. Our findings show that there is a critical impurity concentration (IC) and scattering strength (ISS) for each valley in EHC and MS curves. Also, we have found that the spin band gap decreases with impurity only for valley K, and \(K^{\prime }, \downarrow \) due to the existence of inversion symmetry between valleys. On the other hand, a magnetic phase transition from ferromagnetic to antiferromagnetic and paramagnetic has been observed. The increase of scattering rate of carriers in the presence of impurity is the main reason of these behaviors.


Ferromagnetic MoS2 Green’s function Electronic heat capacity Magnetic susceptibility Phase transition 


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