Phenomenological Model of Magnetocaloric Effect in La0.7Ca0.2Ba0.1MnO3 Manganite Around Room Temperature

  • A. EzaamiEmail author
  • E. Sellami-Jmal
  • W. Cheikhrouhou-Koubaa
  • M. Koubaa
  • A. Cheikhrouhou
Original Paper


In this work, we studied in detail the magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of the La0.7Ca0.2Ba0.1MnO3 compound according to the phenomenological model. Based on this model, the magnetocaloric parameters such as the maximum of the magnetic entropy change ΔS M and the relative cooling power (RCP) have been determined from the magnetization data as a function of temperature at several magnetic fields. The theoretical predictions are found to closely agree with the experimental measurements, which make our sample a suitable candidate for refrigeration near room temperature. In addition, field dependences of \({{\Delta } S}_{\mathrm {M}}^{\max }\) and RCP can be expressed by the power laws \({\Delta S}_{\mathrm {M}}^{\max }\approx a\)(μ 0 H) n and RCP ≈b(μ 0 H) m , where a and b are coefficients and n and m are the field exponents, respectively. Moreover, phenomenological universal curves of entropy change confirm the second-order phase transition.


Phenomenological model Curie temperature Magnetocaloric effect Specific heat change 



This work was supported by the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.


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  • E. Sellami-Jmal
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  • W. Cheikhrouhou-Koubaa
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  • M. Koubaa
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  • A. Cheikhrouhou
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  2. 2.Digital Research CenterSakiet-ezzitTunisia

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