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The Influence of External Magnetic Field on the Spectra of Magnetic Polaritons and Magnetostatic Waves

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The present study theoretically investigates for the localized magnetic polaritons at the junction of two antiferromagnetic superlattices coupled by the antiferromagnetic film in the presence of external magnetic field. The calculation of the localized magnetic polariton (surface-guided) modes proceeds by solving full Maxwell’s equations with electromagnetic boundary conditions at the junction with the antiferromagnetic film. We use the effective medium theory in the framework which the antiferromagnetic superlattice behaves like an anisotropic bulk medium. The influence of the external magnetic field on the spectrum of surface-guided polaritons and the dependence on the physical properties of the contact film were investigated numerically for various antiferromagnetic systems. The results obtained in this study will facilitate the development of engineering applications, such as waveguide devises.


Effective medium Magnetic superlattice Magnetostatic waves Dispersion relation Magnetic superlattices 



I thank Dr. Erkan Bostanci for helping.


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