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Study of Exchange Bias in Mn-Doped YFeO3 Compound

  • Bipul Deka
  • S. Ravi
  • A. Perumal
Original Paper


Single-phase samples of orthorhombic YFe1−x Mn x O3 (x = 0 to 0.3) were prepared using solid-state route. Temperature variation of magnetization measurements show antiferromagnetic transition with Néel temperature (T N) in the range of 646 K for x = 0 to 456 K for x = 0.3. Spin canting-induced weak ferromagnetism is observed for T < T N. These materials exhibit an exchange bias behavior as per magnetic hysteresis loop measurement under field-cooled condition. The magnitude of maximum exchange bias field at 413 K is around 1.2 kOe. The observed exchange bias is explained by considering the exchange coupling across the interface of two magnetic phases having a dominant collinear antiferromagnetism and a weak ferromagnetism, respectively.


Mn-doped YFeO3 Exchange bias Weak ferromagnetism Néel temperature 



Financial supports from CSIR New Delhi (03(1253)/ 12/ EMR-11) and UGC-DAE-CSR Mumbai (CSR/AO/MUM/CSR-M-150/109/467) are acknowledged. We acknowledge CIF, IIT Guwahati for the VSM facilities.


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