Improvement of Current Density of Different Atmosphere-Sintered Y358 Superconductors

  • M. Başoğlu
  • İ. Düzgün
Original Paper


Y3Ba5Cu8O18 (Y358) which is the last family member of YBCO superconducting material was produced by a solid-state reaction technique. During the production process, superconducting samples were sintered in different atmosphere conditions. XRD measurements of the samples were performed. As a result of the measurements, it was seen that the superconducting phase peaks were formed. Hysteresis loops were calculated and analyzed in the framework of a critical state model including the Meissner current. Meissner currents (I M) were calculated as 0.0062, 0.0037, and 0.0119 for S100, S50, and S0, respectively. It was observed that S50 has the highest critical current density among the other calculated values.


High- Tc superconductor Sintered Y358 Critical current density Critical state model 



This study was supported by the Gümüşhane University Research Funding Institution under the grant number 13.F5122.02.01.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Energy Systems EngineeringGümüşhane UniversityGümüşhaneTurkey
  2. 2.Department of Physics EngineeringGümüşhane UniversityGümüşhaneTurkey

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