Strain-Induced First-Order Magnetic Phase Transition in Epitaxial Sm0.35Pr0.15Sr0.5MnO3 Thin Film

  • S. K. Giri
  • T. K. Nath
Original Paper


Epitaxial Sm0.35Pr0.15Sr0.5MnO3 thin films were deposited on LaAlO3 (LAO, (001)), SrTiO3 (STO, (001)), and (La0.18Sr0.82)(Al0.59Ta0.41)O3 (LSAT, (001)) single-crystalline substrates by using pulsed laser deposition technique. In order to examine the strain effect on electronic and magnetic properties, films were studied by X-ray diffraction, electrical resistivity, and dc magnetization measurements. The film grown on LAO substrate is under compressive strain, and it undergoes ferromagnetic → paramagnetic transition at Curie temperature (T C) of ∼ 165 K and metal → insulator transition at ∼ 107 K. The films grown on STO and LSAT substrates are under tensile strain and have T C of ∼ 120 and 130 K, respectively, and show metal → insulator transition at ∼ 145 and 137 K, respectively. At T < T C, the zerofield and fieldcooled magnetization curves of all the films show a huge bifurcation. In the case of films on STO and LSAT substrates, hysteresis is also observed in fieldcooled cooling and warming magnetization vs. temperature measurement protocols at low magnetic field. All the signatures of the firstorder magnetic phase transition are absent in the case of film on LAO substrate. The occurrence and absence of firstorder magnetic phase transition in films on LAO, STO, and LSAT substrates, respectively, have been well explained through the substrateinduced film lattice strain.


Firstorder magnetic phase transition Manganite Bulk strain Jahn–Teller strain 



S. K. Giri acknowledges IIT Kharagpur for providing financial support to present this work. One of the authors (T. K. N.) would like to acknowledge the financial assistance of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), India, through science research project no. IR/S2/PU-04/2006.


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