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Chaos Synchronization in Josephson Junctions

  • Ahmad M. Harb
  • Bassam A. Harb
Original Paper


In this paper, we have discussed the application of new nonlinear recursive controllers on Josephson junction (JJ) chaotic systems. Controlling bifurcation as well as chaos has been rapidly advancing in the last decade. Thus, emphasis has been placed on control design techniques which result in prescribed nonlinear performance dynamics for practical controlled processes. This study has shown that a nonlinear recursive controller is effective in controlling an undesirable JJ chaotic behavior. In addition to that, the synchronization of two JJ chaotic nonlinear dynamical systems can be used to advantage in communication systems. In fact, communication security is promising through chaos. Using nonlinear control method, we have demonstrated that it is possible to achieve synchronization in electronic circuits such as JJ. The study showed the effectiveness of the designed controller in communication signal synchronization. For the purpose of verification and comparison, we designed a control signal based on master and slave concept.


Josephson junction Chaos theory Nonlinear control 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.EE DepartmentGerman Jordanian UniversityAmmanJordan
  2. 2.EE DepartmentYarmouk UniversityIrbidJordan

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