A Unified Theory for the Cuprates, Iron-Based and Similar Superconducting Systems: Application for Spin and Charge Excitations in the Hole-Doped Cuprates

  • J. Ashkenazi
Original Paper


A unified theory for the cuprates and the iron-based superconductors is derived on the basis of common features in their electronic structures, including quasi-two-dimensionality, and the large-U nature of the electron orbitals close to \(E_{_{\textrm{F}}}\) (smaller-U hybridized orbitals reside at bonding and antibonding states away from \(E_{_{\textrm{F}}}\) ). Consequently, low-energy excitations are described in terms of auxiliary particles, representing combinations of atomic-like electron configurations, rather than electron-like quasiparticles. The introduction of a Lagrange–Bose field is necessary to enable the treatments of these auxiliary particles as bosons or fermions. The condensation of the bosons results in static or dynamical inhomogeneities, and consequently in a commensurate or an incommensurate resonance mode. The dynamics of the fermions determines the charge transport, and their strong coupling to the Lagrange-field bosons results in pairing and superconductivity. The calculated resonance mode in hole-doped cuprates agrees with the experimental results, and is shown to be correlated with the pairing gap on the Fermi arcs.


Superconductivity Cuprates Iron Pnictides Auxiliary particles 


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