Transcultural Nurses’ Caring for Pilgrims for the First Time During Hajj Season in Saudi Arabia


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia invests tremendous governmental resources to support the annual Hajj season, including providing free world-class healthcare for all visiting pilgrims. Nurses from around the Kingdom are encouraged to work at Makkah during this period. These nurses come from different cultural backgrounds and provide care for pilgrims from around the world. The study utlized descriptive phenomenology design. A total of 11 transcultural nurses were interviewed. A thematic analysis was performed to understand the lived experience of the transcultural nurses participating in the Hajj for the first time. Five themes emerged. These included serving with satisfaction; a supportive and fair system; professional and personal values; difference, and difficulties and problems. This is the first study of transcultural nurses’ experiences of providing nursing care to pilgrims during the Hajj. The results highlight transcultural nurses’ perceptions of the benefits and challenges of providing care during the Hajj and potential strategies to improve preparation and care quality.

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This research project was supported by a grant from the “Research Center of the Female Scientific and Medical Colleges,” Deanship of Scientific Research, King Saud University.

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