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Contemporary Bioethics: Islamic Perspective

By Mohammed Ali Al-Bar and Hassan Chamsi-Pasha. 267 pp. Springer International Publishing (1st Edition), 2015. Paperback, ISBN 978-3-319-18427-2, $ 57.51
  • Aamir Raoof Memon
Book Review

The authors of the book have an impressive knowledge and extensive experience on Islamic religious sources and legal–ethical rulings on various topics of clinical importance. The contribution made by them is critical for medical professionals in particular and larger public that is needy of biomedical topics to the moral dilemmas of decisions related to health, life and death in Muslim societies. The authors have admirably interwoven religion with medicine to provide a sense of ethical–legal discourse on biomedical issues. They have given examples from multiple resources from Islam and other religions as well as books and research to support their ideas and establish a clear understanding of the topic to the readers.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part gives extensive overview of important topics from Islam Bioethics and legal jurisdiction with appropriate examples from history and rulings of Muslim jurists and bioethicists on offering solutions to different medical...


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