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The Soul of Medicine—Spiritual Perspectives and Clinical Practice John Peteet and Michael D’Ambra (eds); ISBN-10 1421402998, $47.50, Hardback

Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 2011
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What a gem of a book! If you have ever wondered what other faith traditions believe when it comes to illness, dying, and death or if you have ever wondered how medical practitioners think about their particular faith tradition, this book is invaluable. In easy to understand language (especially with regard to religions that might be foreign to many readers), the book explores the world views of different faith traditions as well as offering suggestions on caring for those from those traditions. Lending credence to the material about the various faith traditions is the editors’ insistence that each of the chapters dedicated to a particular faith tradition is written by a medical or clergy professional of that tradition, who “get personal” by concluding the chapter with how the tradition has impacted his or her professional life; most tell revealing (and touching) stories as they do so.

The book is divided into three parts. In Part I, a discussion of the (often historically tenuous)...

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