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The Gender beyond Sex: Two Distinct Ways of Living in Time.

By Robert Pos, MD. 304 pp. Victoria, BC: Trafford Publishing, 2006, $29.95
  • Daniel Liechty
Book Review

In our field, we are encouraged to recognize patterns of diversity in relation to such areas as religion, sexuality, age and race. In his long career as a practicing psychiatrist, Robert Pos has noticed a less obvious aspect of diversity, but one which may have extraordinary explanatory power in terms of understanding and interpreting human behavior: the way people conceive and experience themselves living in the flow of time.

Pos’s theory posits that individual people have a time orientation that roughly divides into one of two categories. Those Pos designates as Alpha types experience themselves as living in the present. They of course understand past and future as also part of their living experience. But for Alphas, past is mainly conceived of experientially as the ‘no longer present,’ and future as the ‘not yet present.’ In contrast, those Pos designates as Beta types experientially conceive the present as the constantly moving connecting point between the past and future. Pos...


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