Cognitive Aspects of Health Psychology: Recent Developments

  • Geoffrey L. Thorpe
  • Sandra T. Sigmon

As a vital subfield of the interdisciplinary enterprise of behavioral medicine, health psychology has placed cognitive-behavioral theory and practice at the forefront of contemporary health care. Recognizing that all medical conditions may be influenced by psychological factors, the American Psychiatric Association (2000) no longer lists specific psychophysiological disorders in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and acknowledges that behavioral, cognitive, and biological processes co-exist and interact. Compelling examples of this mind–body interaction abound. For example, medical imaging studies demonstrate that individuals with obsessive–compulsive disorder and other anxiety syndromes show reliable changes in brain activity following treatment by medication. Similar changes in brain activity are also seen after cognitive-behavior therapy programs that do not include medication (Thorpe and Olson 1997). The serotonin drugs lead to neurochemical changes...


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