The Journal of Primary Prevention

, Volume 28, Issue 6, pp 483–484 | Cite as

Time Flies

  • Preston A. Britner

The papers in this issue of The Journal of Primary Prevention all present programs designed to promote health or resilience in populations of defined risk. The populations are varied, as are the outcomes of interest. All of the papers present important lessons for improving the delivery of preventive services.

Greenberg and his colleagues examine the early development of community teams in a specific university-community partnership project called PROSPER, which supports local teams in rural areas and small towns to implement evidence-based programs intended to support positive youth development and reduce early substance use. The authors identify barriers to successful long-term implementation of prevention programs and add to a small, but important, longitudinal research knowledge base related to community coalitions.

Henry and Huizinga explore associations between truancy and several salient school-related risk and protective factors among a sample of youth who grew up in socially...

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