Comparison of spherical and rod-like morphologies of SBA-15 for enzyme immobilization


Mesoporous silica, namely SBA-15, has been used for enzyme immobilization to help improve thermal stability of the enzymes and, in some cases, increase the enzymatic activity. It has been shown that morphology of SBA-15 is one of the factors influencing kinetics of enzyme adsorption. We reported, here, the adsorption kinetics and peroxidase activity of cytochrome c (cytc) in spherical SBA-15 in comparison of three different rod-like (fibrous, fiber, and rope) SBA-15 samples. The experimental adsorption profile fitted much better to the pseudo-second order than the pseudo-first order model. The maximum loading capacity of cytc was 466, 423, 390, and 352 mg/g for fibrous, rope, fiber, and spherical SBA-15, respectively. The rate constant for cytc adsorption for spherical SBA-15 was 3 times slower than rope and fiber SBA-15, and 15 times slower than fibrous SBA-15. The activity of cytc after immobilization in SBA-15 samples depended on the amount of cytc loading. The cytc loading in all SBA-15 at lower than 10 µmol/g showed higher activity than in free cytc in solution. The maximum activity of immobilized cytc was found in spherical SBA-15 at cytc loading of 1.00 µmol/g (~ 7 times higher than in free cytc). Finally, the Fe(III) at the heme group of cytc/SBA-15 samples with high activity was examined to contain high-spin state. The investigation in this work could suggest useful information for the preparation of SBA-15 for enzyme immobilization to appropriate applications, such as drug delivery.

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This research project was supported by Faculty of Science, Mahidol University. SK also appreciated the financial support from Science Achievement Scholarship Thailand (SAST).


This research project was supported by Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, and the scholarship from the Science Achievement Scholarship Thailand (SAST).

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