Journal of Porous Materials

, Volume 21, Issue 5, pp 883–888 | Cite as

Hydrogen adsorption on M-ZSM-12 zeolite clusters (M = K, Na and Li): a density functional theory study

  • Mehmet Ferdi Fellah


The molecular adsorption of hydrogen has been studied theoretically via DFT on additional framework with alkali metal atoms (K, Na and Li) in ZSM-12 zeolite. A 14T channel zeolite cluster model was used. Lewis acidity of alkali metals decreases with increasing atomic radius of alkali metal and H2 adsorption. Adsorption enthalpy values were computed to be −7.4 and −5.1 kJ/mol on Li- and Na-ZSM-12 clusters, respectively. Hydrogen adsorption enthalpy values for Li- and Na-cases are meaningfully larger than the liquefaction enthalpy of hydrogen molecule. This designates that Li- and Na-ZSM-12 zeolites are potential cryoadsorbent materials for hydrogen storage.


Density functional theory Hydrogen adsorption ZSM-12 MTW Alkali metals Lewis acidity 



The numerical calculations reported in this paper were performed at TUBITAK ULAKBIM, High Performance and Grid Computing Center (TR-Grid e-Infrastructure).


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