Journal of Porous Materials

, Volume 21, Issue 3, pp 303–310 | Cite as

Isotherms and thermodynamics studies for binary adsorption of methane and ethane on 4A molecular sieve zeolite

  • Muthanna J. Ahmed
  • Samar K. Theydan


The temperature dependency of adsorption behavior for binary mixture of methane and ethane on 4A zeolite was investigated. The volumetric method has been adopted for determination of adsorption isotherm data in the temperature range 303–323 K and pressure up to 225 kPa. Extended Langmuir, modified extended Langmuir, and extended Freundlich isotherms were applied for prediction of binary adsorption data using pure component adsorption data. The data were also simulated by IAST model which showed the best correlation of experimental binary adsorption data along with extended Freundlich isotherm. The selectivity of 4A zeolite to adsorb gases was also studied. The result of this study showed that an increases in temperature increases selectivity for ethane to methane. The heats of adsorption for methane and ethane were also determined and found to be −23.89 and −36.78 kJ/mol, respectively, which indicate the exothermic and physisorption natures of adsorption.


Equilibrium isotherm Adsorption 4A zeolite Binary mixture Light alkanes 



We gratefully acknowledge University of Baghdad and Chemical Engineering Department for assist and support of this work.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Built EnvironmentUniversiti Kebangsaan MalaysiaBangiMalaysia
  2. 2.Chemical Engineering Department, College of EngineeringUniversity of BaghdadBaghdadIraq

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