Journal of Porous Materials

, Volume 20, Issue 2, pp 351–357 | Cite as

Near- and mid-infrared spectroscopy of layered double hydroxides containing various di- and tri-valent metals

  • Manuel Mora
  • María Isabel López
  • César Jiménez-Sanchidrián
  • José Rafael Ruiz


Four layered double hydroxides containing various combinations of divalent and trivalent cations (viz. Mg/Al, Mg/Ga, Mg/In and Ca/Al), and carbonate as interlayer anion were synthesized. Based on their X-ray diffraction patterns, the four solids consist of crystal phases of the layered double hydroxide type. The different types of hydroxyl groups present in the solids were characterized, and the influence of their divalent and trivalent ions was elucidated by near- and mid-infrared spectroscopy. The X-ray diffraction patterns for the solids were quite similar, but the near- and mid-infrared spectra differed between the four.


NIR spectroscopy Layered double hydroxides Hydrocalumite Hydrotalcite 



The authors wish to acknowledge funding of this work by Spain’s Ministry of Science and Innovation (Project MAT-2010-18778), FEDER Funds and Consejería de Innovación y Ciencia de la Junta de Andalucía.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Manuel Mora
    • 1
  • María Isabel López
    • 1
  • César Jiménez-Sanchidrián
    • 1
  • José Rafael Ruiz
    • 1
  1. 1.Departamento de Química OrgánicaUniversidad de CórdobaCórdobaSpain

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