Journal of Porous Materials

, Volume 18, Issue 4, pp 475–482 | Cite as

Metal (Co, Mn)-amine-functionalized mesoporous silica SBA-15: synthesis, characterization and catalytic properties in hydroxylation of benzene

  • Roozbeh Javad Kalbasi
  • Ahmad Reza Massah
  • Farzad Zamani
  • Alex D. Bain
  • Bob Berno


Mesoporous silica SBA-15 was synthesized using H3PO4 and functionalized with ethylendiaminopropyltrimethoxysilane (H2N–(CH2)2–NH–(CH2)3–) by grafting method. A variety of transition metals such as Co and Mn have been coordinated with amine-functionalized silica SBA-15. The materials have been characterized by XRD, FT-IR, BET, TGA, 13C-NMR, DR UV–Vis, atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) and back titration using NaOH (0.1 N). The catalytic performance of obtained catalyst was determined for hydroxylation of benzene using H2O2 as oxidant in the presence of O2 atmosphere. At optimized conditions, the Mn-amine-functionlized mesoporous silica SBA-15 exhibited high catalytic activity at room temperature in the absence of solvent.


Mesoporous silica SBA-15 Amine-functionalized Benzene oxidation H2O2 Phenol Solvent-free 



The Support from Islamic Azad University, Shahreza Branch (IAUSH) Research Council and Center of Excellence in Chemistry is gratefully acknowledged.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Roozbeh Javad Kalbasi
    • 1
  • Ahmad Reza Massah
    • 1
  • Farzad Zamani
    • 1
  • Alex D. Bain
    • 2
  • Bob Berno
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of ChemistryIslamic Azad UniversityShahrezaIran
  2. 2.Department of ChemistryMcMaster UniversityHamiltonCanada

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