Journal of Porous Materials

, Volume 17, Issue 6, pp 663–668 | Cite as

Toluene hydrogenation over nickel-containing MCM-41 and Ti-MCM-41 materials

  • Ágnes Szegedi
  • Margarita Popova


Nickel-containing MCM-41 and Ti-MCM-41 mesoporous materials with different amounts of nickel were prepared by one-pot, sol–gel synthesis. The properties of the nickel catalysts were studied by means of X-ray diffraction (XRD), N2 physisorption, UV-Vis spectroscopy and temperature programmed reduction (TPR) methods. The catalysts have been tested in the gas phase hydrogenation of toluene. The formation of various nickel species due to the different metal-support interaction was assumed for both of the supports. Strong metal–support interaction was supposed when Ti-MCM-41 was used as a support. It has been shown that the reducibility and the catalytic activity of the catalysts is strongly influenced by the host.


Mesoporous materials Ni-MCM-41 Ni,Ti-MCM-41 Toluene hydrogenation 



Support of this work in the frame of the Hungarian-Bulgarian Inter-Academic Exchange Agreement is greatly acknowledged.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Institute of Nanochemistry and Catalysis, Chemical Research CenterHungarian Academy of SciencesBudapestHungary
  2. 2.Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of PhytochemistryBulgarian Academy of SciencesSofiaBulgaria

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