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I. Karanovic: Recent Freshwater Ostracods of the World: Crustacea, Ostracoda, Podocopida

Springer, 2012, 608 pp, Hardback, £153.00, ISBN: 978-3-642-21809-5
  • Steffen Mischke
Book review

Karanovic’s book on the freshwater ostracods of the world is the first comprehensive description of the taxonomy and distribution of freshwater ostracods who are prolific inhabitants of all kinds of water bodies, and thus used as important ecological indicators of modern waters and as tools in palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimate research. Previous publications on freshwater ostracods provided regional overviews of ostracod taxonomy and ecology, such as the excellent book of Meisch (2000) on the freshwater ostracods of western and central Europe. Other publications covered Hungary (Daday 1900), Germany (Klie 1938), Russia (Bronstein 1947), Poland (Sywula 1974) and Great Britain (Henderson 1990). The book of Karanovic is a tremendous compilation of information on the taxonomy and distribution of recent freshwater ostracods from all continents and as such, improves the awareness of the reader with respect to less well known ostracod taxa from regions outside the traditionally...


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