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Isolation of α-Glucuronidase Enzyme from a Rumen Metagenomic Library

  • Charles C. Lee
  • Rena E. Kibblewhite
  • Kurt Wagschal
  • Ruiping Li
  • William J. Orts


α-Glucuronidase enzymes play an essential role in the full enzymatic hydrolysis of hemicellulose. Up to this point, all genes encoding α-glucuronidase enzymes have been cloned from individual, pure culture strains. Using a high-throughput screening strategy, we have isolated the first α-glucuronidase gene (rum630-AG) from a mixed population of microorganisms. The gene was subcloned into a prokaryotic vector, and the enzyme was overexpressed and biochemically characterized. The RUM630-AG enzyme had optimum activity at pH 6.5 and 40 °C. When birchwood xylan was used as substrate, the RUM630-AG functioned synergistically with an endoxylanase enzyme to hydrolyze the substrate.


α-Glucuronidase Rumen Metagenome Library screening Hemicellulose 



4-O-methyl-d-glucuronic acid


Glycosyl hydrolase


Open reading frame


α-Glucuronidase from rumen microorganism



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  • Charles C. Lee
    • 1
  • Rena E. Kibblewhite
    • 1
  • Kurt Wagschal
    • 1
  • Ruiping Li
    • 2
  • William J. Orts
    • 1
  2. 2.Engineering Research Center of Eco-Environment in Three Gorges Reservoir RegionMinistry of Education, China Three Gorges UniversityYichangChina

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