Table 1 General key considerations for Radiography options in the US oil and gas industry

From: Advancements in Radiographic Evaluation Through the Migration into NDE 4.0

  Film CR
Price per image $0.85/sheet of 4.5″ × 10″ film $0.1–$1.5a
Equipment NA for existing to ~ $150K/unit for new setup  ~ $100K/unit for equipment
Chemical Disposal cost $6k/month NA
Reshot rate  ~ 5%  ~ 0% (replaced by filtering and software enhancing tools)
Radiation exposure safety Yes Yes
Chemical exposure safety Yes NA
IT, computer trainings NA Yes
Response time  ~ 30 min for film processing (Automatic System) Instant
Availability of RT technicians Larger pool of qualified/experienced personnel Smaller pool of qualified/experienced personnel
Average Hourly pay rate of trained personnel 35–75 $/h 50–90 $/h
Training and certification As per code specification and company procedures As per code specification and company procedures
  1. aComputed Radiographic (CR) plates can range in the $150 per similar size plate; price per shot ranges from $0.10 to $0.08 cents/exposure for 1500–2000 exposures to with an average use of 100 exposure at $1.50 per exposure