Inversion of Elastic Constants of Anisotropic (100) Silicon Based on Surface Wave Velocity by Acoustic Microscopy Using Particle Swarm-Based-Simulated Annealing Optimization

  • Guorong Song
  • Guangfu Hong
  • Yan Lu
  • Yuyang Xu
  • Dengqian Qin
  • Bin Wu
  • Cunfu He


In this paper, a new inversion model of elastic constants of anisotropic (100) silicon is established by inducing the hybrid particle swarm optimization-based-simulated annealing optimization. Theoretical analysis on the surface acoustic wave (SAW) velocities of silicon has been carried out to construct the novel objective error function. The SAW velocities along different azimuthal angles are obtained by the V(f,z) analysis based on a lens-less line-focus acoustic microscopy. And the inversed results agree well with the reported data, which proves that this method shows high accuracy and strong reliability for the inversion of elastic constants of anisotropic materials.


Anisotropic (100) silicon SAW velocities PSO-b-SA Elastic constants 



The work presented in this paper is supported by the national Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC, No. 61271372 & No. 51235001), and the Key Program of the NSFC (No. 11172014).


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  • Guangfu Hong
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  • Yan Lu
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  • Yuyang Xu
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  • Dengqian Qin
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  • Bin Wu
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  • Cunfu He
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