Thermal Imaging - An Emerging Modality for Breast Cancer Detection: A Comprehensive Review


Breast cancer is not preventable. To reduce the death rate and improve the survival chances of breast cancer patients, early and accurate detection is the only panacea. Delay in diagnosis of this disease causes 60% of deaths. Thermal imaging is a low-risk modality for early breast cancer decision making without injecting any form of energy into the human body. Thermography as a screening tool was first introduced and well accepted in 1956. However, a study in 1977 found that it lagged behind other screening tools and is subjective. Soon after, its use was discontinued. This review discusses various screening tools used to detect breast cancer with a focus on thermography along with their advantages and shortcomings. With the maturation of thermography equipment and technological advances, this technique is emerging and has become the refocus of many biomedical researchers across the globe in the past decade. This study dispenses an exhaustive review of the work done related to interpretation of breast thermal variations and confers the discipline, frameworks, and methodologies used by different authors to diagnose breast cancer. Different performance metrics like accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity have also been examined. This paper outlines the most pressing research gaps for future work to improvise the accuracy of results for diagnosis of breast abnormalities using image processing tools, mathematical modelling and artificial intelligence. However, supplementary research is needed to affirm the potential of this technology for predicting breast cancer risk effectively. Altogether, our findings inform that it is a promising research problem and a potential solution for early detection of breast cancer in younger women.

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